What does your Oneness t-shirt mean to you?

Over the years we have had many of our customers write in to us and tell us what wearing their Oneness T-shirt out in the community has meant to them.  We want to hear from you as well.  Let us know, What does your Oneness t-shirt mean to you and how does it make you feel?  Let us know what you like about it!  In love and oneneness!

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  • Christina Conner

    I LOVE my black Oneness Junkie T-shirt!! I need to purchase another one very soon since I have worn my first one so many times, it is a little worn but sooooo comfortable. It is my comfort shirt—so soft and I love the cut—not some baggy, style-less shirt but way flattering, too. I can still wear this one out but am looking for to having ANOTHER one!

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